06 April 2012

Gratitude... ?

Things that I'm forced to be grateful for...

The wheel chair at Costco. 

My pride has dipped to to a new low.  Since my back hurts, my tummy, and everything else it's hard to walk more than fifteen minutes at a time.  I had to have Kyle push me around the store.  But I have to admit, it was nice not shuffling or waddling, and silently enduring pain as I walk.
A blow-up air matress

For about four or five months now, I haven't been able to sleep in my bed.  For the first while, it had to be the couch.  Then even that was too difficult to sleep on.  The only place that is semi comfortable is the air matress.  I would love to sleep in a normal bed with my husband, but I am grateful that I'm not in too much pain while sleeping on 'air'. 

A Chiropractor

I've never liked them.  I hate popping, and if I'm completely honest I have a phobia of chiroprators.  But if I hadn't started going, I would have been completely immobile for about a month now.  OH and I hate that little table thing becaus you have to put your face in that thing! (see picture above).  Not being able to see what's going on around you, feelings of claustrophobia, and smearing your make-up isn't my cup of tea. 

So, yes I have been forced to be grateful for a few things that I really wish I didn't need to be grateful for.  If gratitude wasn't there, all there would be in it's place is bitterness.  So, I'm also grateful that I can still have a positive attitude and can see the blessings in my life. 

02 April 2012

The Stapley Home

At this very moment there is a house that is being built, and it'll be OURS!  The construction started about a month ago, and the builder says that it should be done in another month or less. 

Kyle and I have been and continue to be ecstatic about this!  Almost every day we go out and see the progression, and we take a picture.  When Kyle actually puts the pictures on the computer I'll post the pictures.  Right now the whole structure's frame is up and covered with the plywood.  The windows are in, and the sliding glass door.  The next steps is shingles and siding for the house.  I'm sure there is more going on, but those are the most obvious things.    

Honestly, we know that this opportunity was definitely a miracle.  How everything came together, like puzzle pieces, could not be coincidental.  It was amazing to realize that we're building and buying a home. 

So, here is one decision that we're pondering on.  I would love if anyone has some input or suggestions.  There will be one tree out in the front yard, and we get to pick what to have.  But I can't decide what tree to do!  I don't want a crazy messy tree.  Yet I want a really fun tree in the front yard, one that will definitely stand out. 

There is one I found on the internet that I absolutely love, but I'm not sure we'll even be able to find a place near here that sells them.  It's called a Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle tree. 

I think living in North Carolina for my mission kind of rubbed off on me.  I love BIG, bushy, flowery, trees.  I've always loved trees.  Yet my love grew into something more after leaving the desert and finding the beautiful greenery of the south east.  I've researched, and the internet claims that this tree would survive in this area.  But I don't think IFA, LadyBug nursery, and BigTree nursery has this tree. 

Does anyone know of a good tree that would look nice in the front yard?  Or are there any trees that we should stay away from?  Definitely let us know. 

27 March 2012


I first met you

across the sound waves of a foreign world. Through dark shadows

a pulsating beacon of light confirmed your small existence.

Flickering to a self-sustaining beat,

free and strong.

You were barley the length of a sesame seed.

Later, when searching for you in the hazy grayness you waved at me.

Tiny fingers bathed in white, grasping and fluttering.

How did you know it was me who was spying? I smiled and waved back.

At another time I found it no longer hard to find your glowing form on the screen.

More light than dark inside that world now.

I saw your face.

Your lips parted and your outlined tongue

slipped in and out. Like tasting the air or licking your lips, I'm not sure.

I am told when our worlds will meet. The separation of

time and darkness

will come to an end.

No longer will we wave at one another

through sound waves and computer screens, but we will finally touch.

You will see my face.

You will meet me.

26 March 2012

A New Chapter

Well, this is it! 
Finally I have broken down and created a blog.

Honestly I have created... three... four?  I think.  But I always got fed up with, bored with, and lazy with them.  So I would just delete them.  Hopefully this one will stick.

The Stapley Saga has been quite an adventure.  The first chapter began on March 6, 2010 when Kyle and I got married.  Though, there was an eight year prequel of friendship that led up to that.  Now, we're expecting to enter into another 'page turning' chapter with a new main character added to this Saga's pages. 


She's been a great tag-a-long for about 33 weeks, and is expected to finally come in the first weeks of May.  Though, the doctor measured her in the most recent ultrasound and she was measuring a whole three weeks ahead of what she should be.  We're not sure if she's planning on an early arrival, or if she's just going to be a very LARGE baby in May.

A little about her: 
     She enjoys being extra active around 3-4:00 each day,
     loves it when caffine finally get through me to her,
     doesn't enjoy loud noises or voices,
     and tries to hide from proding fingers of her daddy.
She's also been head down for the past month or so, and I can feel that she is always moving her hands. 

Another reason for this blog is to entertain myself.  I can't walk too well since being pregnant has given me a possible herniated disk in my back, sharp round ligament pain that doubles me over, and now the ribs in my upper chest like to come out of place if I sneeze, twist, or raise my arms above my head.  SUPER fun, believe me. 

Though, I can't complain long.  It's such a wonder to be pregnant.  To know that a littler person is growing inside.  Such a miracle.  Kyle and I can't wait to meet Natalie, to learn her personality and little quirks, and to hold and love her.   

What a huge and amazing new adventure to add to the Stapley Saga!